Daniel-Blue-PhotoI created Survival By Design Cards so that all of my
smart-mouthed, wickedly funny friends could see their
thoughts and lives reflected as art.


The Characters—Where are the eyes?

The aim of my cards is to present people of all backgrounds in non-stereotypical situations. Whether you are Black, White, Jewish, Vietnamese, Mexican, Gay, or straight up Caucasian, we hope you’ll find a card that reminds you of you—or your best friend or loved one. My cards are for everyone! They may have no eyes or noses, but their big ole mouths make up for it.

The Designer—Just a nice, Jewish girl trying to make you laugh.

I created Survival By Design Cards in 2006 after earning a certificate in Advertising and Print Design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). (Check out my freelance graphic design work at www.survivalbydesign.net.) As evidenced by my BA in philosophy from Brandeis University, I seem to have a quirky way of reflecting on life. It’s my goal to find just the right words to express any sentiment in a straight-forward, funny way. My earliest memories of love and humor on paper come from my mom who used to tuck funny little notes into my lunch box in elementary school. In high school, I created “super silly notes” to cheer up my friends just trying to survive our teenage years, and in college I was known for my dark, little Valentine’s Day cards. Today, designing cards illustrates my love of color and simple, clean artwork as well as this tormenting need to express my thoughts and feelings through humor. A Providence, RI native, I currently live in a converted loft in downtown Lynn, MA with my husband, Seth. I travel frequently to Rhode Island, my hometown, to visit friends, family (especially my niece and nephew) and my favorite restaurants. I hope to retire one day to both New York City and Portland, OR when I have enough money to support my vegan lifestyle in two cities.